An ULTIMATE COMMUNITY promises a full lifestyle experience in a beautifully planned environment that provides every homeowner the opportunity to define the life they've always dreamed of.  Ultimate Communities are framed by stunning architecture and careful landscape design that celebrate local history, our warmer climates, and employ building practices that incorporate and bring to life the natural surroundings.

"If you BELIEVE PASSIONATELY in what you are doing and whom you are doing it with, success is bound to follow.” -- Anisa Kamadoli Costa

Established by Malcolm Jones, the founding vision for every Ultimate Community is to establish a town which carefully balances a full complement of activities with a carefree and relaxing environment. A REWARDING LIFE that preserves the simpler things, while offering the exciting and stimulating aspects, against a backdrop of stunning natural surroundings.  This is reflected in our land plan, which includes numerous environmental precautions and improvements, including hundreds of acres dedicated to permanent open space, and on-site retail, professional, worship and educational facilities to minimize vehicle travel.

We love our customers and hope that you want to learn more about this unique new concept in active adult living. Please use our Contact page to tell us about yourself and how we can help you find the lifestyle you are looking for.